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Excuses Excuses

GAIN Music & Dstrct presents Excuses ExcusesWAIVERS (1st show!), Crown & Jester & Sierra Pilot!

$5 ticket (coming soon)
$8 cover at doors

Excuses Excuses

We call ourselves Excuses Excuses. We watch Netflix, we eat pizza, and we play Punk-Rock’n’Roll.


We’re a new rock band from Guelph, ON Debut EP coming soon! EST. 2018 INSTA: @waiversmusic

Crown & Jester

Hey Team! Here it is. Pop music 101. This will be the platform through which I release my own music, art & film. I am Crown & Jester. Comments & opinions are welcome; This is for the kicks. Love Ya!

Sierra Pilot

Sierra Pilot is the latest band to emerge from the Canadian music scene. With new-age rock inspired songs, Sierra Pilot’s debut album is set to drop in early 2018.

Combining an edgy, modern and elegantly dynamic take on the traditional rock genre, Sierra Pilot is that rare band that has no qualms about celebrating their musical influences, while at the same time forging a new, adventurous musical path, unconcerned with bending to the will of trends or conforming to expected norms.

Propelled along by the skills and tenacity of vocalist/guitarist/songwriter Taylor Leith at the helm, Sierra Pilot is set to release its debut album in 2018, bringing to the Canadian rock music community a sense of renewed energy, confident purpose and evocative songs that will embed themselves into the hearts, minds and spirits of all who hear them.

Official after-party in the Dstrct Lounge!